Information efficiency

Every SharePoint and ECM developer and project manager knows that successful adoption of their solution is more complicated than 'build it and install it'. Team Practice is your secret weapon for building in success step by step - with satisfied users and demand for more the reward.

Team Practice brings together proven expertise, best practice and innovative techniques, for your team to go beyond expectations, deliver a step-change in collaborative working and create truly efficient information practices.

Team Practice expertise comes from some of the UK's most experienced practitioners, who've seen every twist in the tale from text retrieval, through document, records and content management to the latest social networking tools.

Our Team Practice tool set includes the full range of classic analysis and design tools, but the difference in information efficiency that Team Practice can give to our customers is defined by our innovative approach and proven methods to delivery, efficiency and design.


The heart of delivering off-the-shelf technology is its configuration. Efficiency in developing the configuration is critical to you, saving you time and cost.

To minimize your time and cost, maximize quality and essentially provide the platform to tailor the solution to your business needs, Team Practice uses our configuration framework - the Efficiency Envelope.


Business change

The mystery of business change should be no such thing. Understanding how business uses its information systems is essential for every implementation or upgrade, and is expressed in the concept and design tool of the Team Practice Information Machine.

Encouraging changes in behaviour is down to planning and timing and its Delivery Sequence.

information efficiency

Working with consultants

Team Practice can help you make sure that you only hire our specialist services for the shortest possible time, and for your greatest benefit.

At no cost, one of our specialist practitioners can advise you on the best approach in doing so.

Find out more about how our consultancy can help you - contact us now.