Delivery sequence

Where to begin? When will it end? These are the questions that fill the minds of project and programme sponsors, and satisfying them is the first outcome of the Team Practice 'Delivery Sequence', putting in context and in place the competing demands of finance, management and user requirements.

The Team Practice delivery sequence: top level

Team Practice

Delivering business change - and not just technology and training - is down to planning, timing and understanding. Throwing in a communications plan is nowhere near enough.

The sequence is all, so that everything comes together with a sense of both inevitability and anticipation.

Between planning and success, reality intervenes - but this master template for planning has been honed over 20 years of business-change programmes. It's not reality-proof, but its stratified levels of detail capture the hidden dependencies between different parts of the programme that have destroyed the hopes of sponsors past - and the profits of their suppliers.


Programme/project definition: 2nd level of delivery sequence

Team Practice

The risk and value-based approach of the Team Practice 'Efficiency Envelope' focuses business change on what is financially viable, and ruthlessly eliminates unproductive effort. Building on the communication and clarification that comes from the 'Information Machine', the Delivery Sequence organizes resources, people and ideas to deliver the business change that sponsors want, with sufficient flexibility to enable change within the programme as understanding changes. Contact us to see how the Team Practice tool set can raise the game of your implementation.

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