Efficiency envelope

An example of functions and activities (navigation/file plan, 1st and 2nd level) for Human Resources management:.

Functions and activities

  • Uni Employee folders: Administration; [Business unit]
  • Employee learning and development: Administration; Training courses; Mentoring
  • Organisational capability: Administration; Competency development
  • Employee relations: Administration; Negotiations
  • Occupational health: Administration; Medical advice; Counselling; Addiction; Health Programmes;
  • Health information: [Employee ID]; Medical information
  • Recruitment: Administration;[Period]
  • Employee movement and release: Administration; Secondment management; Employee job movement management; Staff Release management; Staff release management
  • administration; [Period/campaign]
  • Redundancy management: Administration; [Programme]

Business support subjects

  • Employment relations
  • Employment terms and conditions
  • Recruitment
  • Termination of employment
  • Workplace training and development
  • Consultancy services

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